2010. november 20., szombat


Today I begin boxing my models and on Wednesday we'll move to a new place. We rent a much bigger house so the kid can play in the garden - and I'll have an own modelling room (partly used as a storage room, but who cares?). My new empire. Huge desk, good ventillation, nice ligts... Just like in a dream. Now let's pack...

2010. november 1., hétfő

Weekend session

This weekend I almost finished the Pzbefehlswagen. I'm not really satisfied with the results, first of all the fenders are far behind my expectations. Not only the quality of soldering (next time I'll try to solder with higher temperature) but the fit of the parts was questionable and I don't really know was it my mistake or Lion Roar's. Some strange solutions were experienced. Little holes on bending lines, lots of parts without any mentioning on the assembly instructions, etched parts tendency to break, etc... I don't say that it's a bad kit but it's definitely not for beginners like me. As it is said in my other hobby, archery: never blame the bow if you miss the target. That's it in modelling as well so I blame only myself - I have lots to learn especially soldering :)
Some pictures. The back and the right fender, almost the best part of the vehicle:

The front, upgraded with MIG Productions Notek lamp and Aber's old MG34 barrel. Not the nicest barrel ever but works OK for this model I think. Wiring is self made and the lamp on the right fender is made from sprue parts because Dragon's original was far bigger than the original seen on wartime photos.

And the famous left fender. The ugly soldering is not really visible but the fender flap is... eer... not so nice. The jack-block is self made from balsa wood - looks cool now.

The tracks will be from other kit (Magic Track... I don't want to use the expensive Modelkasten track for this kit...) and I'll start to examine how others do snowy - muddy painting as next step is painting.