2012. december 12., szerda

Engine bay 99%

The engine bay is nearly finished. Wiring, battery is in place, now it only needs some more heavy weathering and dirt. But now I want to finish the driver's compartment first and then weather the two parts together.

2012. november 14., szerda

Engine bay getting shape

Some more washes, metalizer paints from Model Master and a few wire. Still lot to do but starts to look nice...

2012. szeptember 21., péntek

Some modelling happened during my holiday in August though the photos are published only now. Assembled and painted the engine (paint is ModelMaster metalizer steel, and some dry brushing with Model Color Oily steel)
Dry-fit in place, waiting for additional wiring (brass, as I plan) and weathering. I'd like to leave the engine hatches open so the engine should look cool...
The progress is very slow. However I enjoyed to play with relly tiny bits again. So built some parts from scratch - please note the white line in the background - that square is 1cmx1cm :)

2012. június 26., kedd

Engine started

Though my modelling activity could be called inactivity instead it is still not completely hopeless. I have a nice inventory of partly done or untouched models and it is only thirty plus some years until I retire :)
But for now I continued the Gepard and glued the engine together. Surprisingly many parts and a quite impressing detailed result - however the Tristar engine seems to be more accurate I don't really mind. Dragon made also a good job and with some extra wiring, bits and pieces I will have to leave the hatch open to make the engine visible.

2012. április 12., csütörtök


Though no time for modelling, last weekend I started to infect my son with the hobby. As a first step we counted and checked the Vallejo paint stock and ordered them by color. None of them seemed to be dry, Norbert shook them all by one. Next time we try painting, I hope :)