2017. június 30., péntek

FUCK YOU Photobucket.com

After years of free usage, and with only ~300 pictures uploaded Photobucket wants me to pay USD 400 per year to have my photos visible again on 3rd party pages (including this blog). Well.
I am really annoyed.

2017. június 27., kedd

Heat wave...

The summer is hot, as usually. And our hobby room has no air-conditioning. Which is a drawback when a room has two large glass surfaces (floor-to-ceiling windows on the SE and large window on the SW side). It is more appropriate now to plant tomato or some tropical fruit in the room than to do any kind of modelling as it is around 28 Celsius during the day. Too much for me. The only thing what I could do this weekend was to clean up the desk and to plan a cover for the paint stacks. I don't think that direct sunlight makes any good to pigments in paints...

2017. június 18., vasárnap

Friuls done

Friuls were done in two weeks - which really means one week due to our short holiday when I had no chance to touch anything on my workbench. So 6 days of drilling and cleaning and 1 day of construction. The drilling was the most tedious part. And this was the first time that I've tried to construct a track without the CA glue - and it works. Speeds up building definitely. The tracks speak for themselves, really nice finish even with that minor issue with "no-right-side" - after weathering that will be hardly visible, I think. So she looks like this nowadays:

2017. június 6., kedd

Track problem

I bought my Friul set for this kit second hand. And that is now why I can not complain at the producer that the kit consisted of two bags of tracks. Both left side. Arrrgh... should I use it or throw it out? The only difference is the track pin - on the right side I should correct it somehow. Tiny putty blobs, or whatever... but anyway, it is annoying a little.