2017. június 18., vasárnap

Friuls done

Friuls were done in two weeks - which really means one week due to our short holiday when I had no chance to touch anything on my workbench. So 6 days of drilling and cleaning and 1 day of construction. The drilling was the most tedious part. And this was the first time that I've tried to construct a track without the CA glue - and it works. Speeds up building definitely. The tracks speak for themselves, really nice finish even with that minor issue with "no-right-side" - after weathering that will be hardly visible, I think. So she looks like this nowadays:

2017. június 6., kedd

Track problem

I bought my Friul set for this kit second hand. And that is now why I can not complain at the producer that the kit consisted of two bags of tracks. Both left side. Arrrgh... should I use it or throw it out? The only difference is the track pin - on the right side I should correct it somehow. Tiny putty blobs, or whatever... but anyway, it is annoying a little.