2016. október 24., hétfő

Tools and things

Friuls ready. Now the tools on the rear deck... I clean the kit parts from the moulded-on details to be replaced by PE. The barrel cleaning rod was schratched from plastruct rods and looks nice (though the original kit part looked well, too).

Fire extinguisher was from the stash (some of the Dragon kits had a redundant one) and also looks better than the also good kit part.

2016. október 12., szerda

Jagdpanzer - Friul tracks

My first ever Friul track assembled and test-fit. It sits perfectly and looks like after the first try:
Looked a bit too tight (though wartime photos show this kind of tight tracks sometimes) so I added one more link. Now it's much better:

And as this is only one side, I started to prepare (minimal cleaning and drilling) the next side as well. Hope finish with it till the weekend.

2016. október 6., csütörtök

Ghost from the past

As I uninstalled WoT from my laptop, a lot of free time (?) dropped to me - at least 20 minutes per day :) I just thought it would be great to finish one of my favourites, the Stuart. Some stowage was added, and MG + antenna will be put on soon - and finally I collect my willpower and paint those two tankers - and some dioramic background with palm trees and jungle vegetations similar to Makin atoll's natural environment...

2016. október 3., hétfő

Cleaning the rear deck

Small update at the weekend: I started to cut parts and fill holes on the rear deck to enable the fitting of upgraded tools with PE clamps, holders, etc. Not a visually interesting step but I put a pic here for the record...