2015. szeptember 28., hétfő

Track again

Just received the workable tracks for the Leopard. The kit one was useless, tried with a few glue types but did not work. This one will be cool - unfortunately hardly visible as the side fenders will hide most of it. But no problem.

Also in the package arrived a little beauty. Chaffee. When I was a kid, I wanted one more than any other type - especially after watching Kelly's Heroes. It was not available where I lived then and anyway only the Italeri kit could be the chosen one. Now I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams and bought this one. The only open question: WHEN? :)
By the way: I started to learn the art of light tank recon in World of Tanks and the Chaffee is my favourite (side by side with the Luchs which is the next one on my shopping list...)