2017. június 18., vasárnap

Friuls done

Friuls were done in two weeks - which really means one week due to our short holiday when I had no chance to touch anything on my workbench. So 6 days of drilling and cleaning and 1 day of construction. The drilling was the most tedious part. And this was the first time that I've tried to construct a track without the CA glue - and it works. Speeds up building definitely. The tracks speak for themselves, really nice finish even with that minor issue with "no-right-side" - after weathering that will be hardly visible, I think. So she looks like this nowadays:

2017. június 6., kedd

Track problem

I bought my Friul set for this kit second hand. And that is now why I can not complain at the producer that the kit consisted of two bags of tracks. Both left side. Arrrgh... should I use it or throw it out? The only difference is the track pin - on the right side I should correct it somehow. Tiny putty blobs, or whatever... but anyway, it is annoying a little.

2017. május 22., hétfő

PE problem

I've tried to use Voyager PE but soon had to give it up. The separator panels between the wheels are very bulky and ugly right from the set. The PE would look way better and far more accurate in scale. The problems are tough:
- it is wider than the kit part and to cut/shape it would be pain (eight times...)
- it has no real surface to glue. I tried with small L shaped brass strips but were still too fragile
So finally I decided to use the kit parts. The first pair has been sanded to let the first return roller work but the other three pairs were left as they were. Hardly will be visible when finished.
Otherwise the kit goes together swiftly. Not a Tamiya kit but far better than I expected.

2017. május 15., hétfő

It's huge

Compared to my previous builds the T-35 is huge. It seems that the lower hull is slowly closing to the finish but now I have the big question: to use or not to use. The photoetched side armor / running gear cover. With thousand bolt heads which need to be individually glued/soldered. I'm not convinced that the PE would add so much to the final visual result to worth several hours of eye-popping bolt-head-job. The kit armor piece is nicely moulded and fairly represents the original (according to the few photos I have) and... well... I'm not a time-billionaire. Unfortunately. So I'll go with the kit side (and wasted some money on the PE...).
So far here we are:

2017. április 23., vasárnap

New project: T-35

Well, a little pause after the Jagdpanzer (figures and diorama is a side-project, still in feasibility phase). Another campaign on armorama.com is the "Landships" where I enlisted a few months ago. Time-pressure is my big old friend and that is why I thought 4 months will (must) be enough for this monster. I bought some PE stuff but after an hour of learning the instructions and checking the plastic parts I am not convinced about the running gear / side plate PE parts... I'll see. But that big pack may be left out of this project. Painting will not be an issue - green. Tracks look quite OK in the kit but I have Friuls as well. So, let's begin... again, a lot of wheels but this time a lot of turrets, as well :)

2017. április 20., csütörtök

Jagdpanzer IV finished (99.8%)

And I've been successful - the armorama campaign deadline is 30th April and I finished this Jpz days before it :) Though some touch-ups are still required. The upper plate is not glued yet - I plan to include figures there so the periscope tube ending is not glued on. Also noticed that I forgot to paint the steel return rollers to some shiny metal finis. The tracks are quite OK but more dust and weathering will be applied later on the lower parts. As soon as I decide about the diorama settings these final-final steps will be made.
Overall I am pleased. I finished in time. The result is pleasing if I look at it. Subtle weathering - I don't want to hide any nice details. The Friul was a waste of money and time. It is beautiful but it is not visible because of the Schürzen. One of them is intentionally missing to show up at least a section of the track... This was a fast and pleasing build and made me motivated about modelling again.

2017. április 10., hétfő

Weather(ing) report

After a short pause (some renovation of the modelling/hobby room in the house) I continued with the weathering. No clear plan to follow. I apply different products and then check the result and apply some other products to reach some variation. Up until now I faded the colors with oils and used AK Interactive's light dust deposit (cool stuff, really), washed the vehicle with AmmoMIG brown wash and weathered the lower hull with ProModeller wash plus some oils. And of course the old classic: MIG Productions pigments - these will be used instead of the general pre-dusting with airbrush and I'll dirt the tracks with them, too, to achieve somewhat consistent look at the end. I still have some chance to finish until 30th April (and get that Campaign Ribbon on armorama.com) so my motivation increases day by day. What I have to do to finish:
- painting the tools on the rear deck
- painting the visors
- paint/weather the exhaust and the jack-block
- weather the skirts (and decide: to use nor not to use all of them as they hide the tracks - and if the hide than it proves to be an unnecessary effort to have them from Friuls)
That seems to be possible in almost three weeks.
And some pics from the weathering phase: