2016. szeptember 29., csütörtök

Test fit

Well, it turns out to be one of my fastest builds. Thanks, Tamiya! Finally I found some pin marks on some of the parts to clean up but overall the kit is unbelievable. Engineering masterclass. The upper part is test fitted - and to be honest, it would be let this way, without glue because the fit is 100% perfect and fix. Now comes the upgrade session, the tools on the rear of the model with the PE and the Schürzen. I can hardly wait :)

2016. szeptember 21., szerda


The rear is finished (two additional PE chains will be added but only later at the final stage to prevent breaking accidents). I made the jack-block from balsa wood instead of the kit piece. Eduard also offered a wood block made of brass but that looked strange...

2016. szeptember 11., vasárnap


The wheels section is ready. Tamiya uses poly-caps to hold the wheels, no need to glue them to the axis - I have the feeling that it will be useful when I try to paint them somedays. All-in-all, it is a fun build with beautifully clean parts. Almost no need to sand anything and every part fits tight. That is why Tamiya is so expensive. But worths it.


2016. szeptember 7., szerda

Lots of wheels

Progressing with the lower hull... lots of wheels, my second vehicle with that heap of them (the Leopard was the first). No problem with the cleaning. But I fear the painting in advance...

My next issue is the interior. The kit provides nothing - but I bought the 12660 set (metal barrel plus gun breech) and... well... just thinking about to buy Verlinden's interior resin set. Two factor against it. Or three factors:
- expensive... it doubles the cost of this build
- I have limited time and the group build finishes at the end of April 2017
- the upgrade is for the Dragon Jagdpanzer, not the Tamiya - though I think there would be no major fitting problems...

And the pro factors:
- I like detailed interiors for some unknown perverted reason...
- The top of the upper hull could be assembled to be "openable" so this would be my first model where the detailed-up interior would not disappear after finishing the model.

Life is tough. Full of decisions...

2016. szeptember 4., vasárnap

Jagdpanzer IV. L/70

My absolute favourite in World of Tanks, the Jagdpanzer IV. L/70... This weekend I started the kit and was amazed about the details. Fine, perfectly fitting parts, delicate details, and seemingly an easy build lies in front of me. Almost no cleanup is needed and it is so neat... Look at those weld seams... and cast texture...