2014. október 26., vasárnap

First figure ever...

First time ever I am pleased with the result of my figure painting. German officer's head for the winter pzbefehls dio.

2014. október 19., vasárnap


Dragon's magic tracks are nice but I always had problems with assembling and painting them. It is not possible to paint separately (I tried in case of the Panzer II F but did not like the procedure) and it is very tricky to paint when assembled to the model. So this time I give a try to ModelKasten track. It will be a tedious work to cut/clean/glue all links and compared to the magic track the detail is nothing extra. The only real addition is that it is workable so I can paint it separately and the track sag can be more naturally done.

The other tricky suprise was that the sprocket is half a millimeter too narrow to both tracks. I ordered ModelKasten sprockets and will use the late type one...