2014. február 22., szombat

I've painted the radios. Small plastic pieces were glued before to hold the wiring of power supply and the headset and microphone. The knobs are black but the white is not really white to decrease the contrast I mixed it with buff. I'm a bit afraid of the wiring but it will worth a try I think.

2014. február 18., kedd


Slowly progressing further... The full body received pin-wash and some very subtle filters (simple oil paints were used, no "official" filter or wash products). Tow cable was painted, weathered, some missing minor parts (Notek, aerial base, etc) were glued and painted.
The most recent action: painting the exhaust pipe. I always had problems with painting this part - my experiments ended in too orange-shade and too vivid results. So this time I tried a different method.
1. Painted the exhaust with Dark Rust as a primer
2. Some hairspray...
3. Vallejo Model Color - BUFF was applied
4. Made heavy chipping (hairspray technique)
5. Very light filter was made with the original colour (Vallejo Model Air - Sand Yellow)
6. Dark Rust and Light Rust was applied with an old brush (very short bristle) like some kind of mix of the "sponge method" and dry brushing
7. Final touches with MIG Standard Rust pigments...

The result is close to what I wanted to achieve: an exhaust of a not-too-old vehicle.