2014. január 30., csütörtök


I've made some wash with natural umber oil paint. I was thinking about to buy washes from some of Mig/AK/A.mig lines but again I found that any wash color can be replicated by oil paint and I can spend money on more useful things. Same applies to filters as well. The result is quite OK, the color on this photo is closer to reality then in the previous post. Next step will be some fading with oils (the "dot technique"), painting the tools and radio set. Later one of the harder tasks: wiring the radio...

2014. január 4., szombat

Modulation and ghosts from the past

Added two lighter layers of paint, dark yellow plus white in 5:3 ratio in case of the lighter one. Experimented with color modulation but left the effect very subtle - almost sure to become invisible during the weathering process later. In the meantime I started to paint the radios. Still not sure how the wiring will be done as the parts are tiny and according to phoos found on the net there should be lots of wires connected to them... 

And a long forgotten project popped out of the stash: the Gaz-AAA from Zvezda. Painted the interior and try to finish it in a year :)