2014. december 30., kedd

Friul set arrived

I've started the M106A1 and found a LOT of ejection pin marks... And holes on the hull (already filled). But now at least the track issue is solved with the new Friul set - though I've glued the plastic sprocket and now I have to break it to fit the new metal ones somehow...

On the other hand I'm hunting for photos/videos of the vegetation of Makin atoll as I'd like to complete the Stuart diorama. Figures are to be painted as well... And of course the Flakpanzer is in progress. Some of my Miniart figures will be modified and partly rebuilt... Sometimes. As I have not enough time. Never.

2014. december 19., péntek

Going to Vietnam for a ride...

Got it from a colleague (thanks, Karesz!). Almost the same age as me. Not the colleague. The model. I'm excited... Something else than WW2... I plan to pimp it with Eduard sets (both exterior and interior) and a Friul track.
The plastic is strange, hard and breaks easily. But surprisingly crisp moulding especially at this age.
On the Flak project: I have a rough plan of a setting. Some figure sculpting necessary but I'm starting it soon.

2014. december 13., szombat

Almost finished

Tracks finished, and my final conclusion about them is that Model Kasten worths the price and time as the result is nice, painting, weathering and installing them to the vehicle is far easier than the otherwise also nice magic tracks provided to the kit by Dragon. 
Some more details to add are the convoy light, antenna, etc. I plan to spray the lower parts with light earth colors to unify the result and the vehicle is ready. This year. Unbelievable...