2013. május 10., péntek

Slowly getting to shape...

And here I am again. During the recent weeks I've tried to use my spare minutes (even half hours sometimes) to work on the Flakpanzer. I prepared the body to adapt the PE fenders (under construction, trying to improve my soldering technique with little success...) which means I had to fill some holes and attachment cuts. Also painted the underside black because the engine air intake openings will be hidden under the deck and I wanted to be sure not to forget to shade them. Glued the side and back armor of the fighting compartment in place, made the two radios rack from really tiny PE stuff and decided to hide the driver's compartment. But still hesitating about the engine bay. I'm thinking about an action setting, firing flak, tension and so on. But that would need a closed hatch. However, I like the engine and would like to show it somehow... Life is full of hard questions.

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