2014. november 9., vasárnap

On track...

I was not prepared how tricky it is to glue MK tracks. I found that normal modelling glues are not OK, one section was glued with Tamiya cement (the extra thin type) and that section is not moving so nicely as the later produced ones. Now I'm using CA glue, and it is working so-so. However, it took days to clean all parts, now I hope that in a few hours I can glue the two tracks. As the sprocket wheels had to be changed (and Jadarhobby sent me the ModelKasten replacements), some more painting is needed but that is also true to the tracks, as well. In the meantime I'm thinking about the setting. I got some nice photos on Missing-lynx forum of crews refilling Flak magazines so I plan to depict the refilling (even with the device if I can replicate that) but I'd like to have a diorama where something "happens". But the question is: what?

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