2017. március 21., kedd

Green on

The camo green is sprayed on. I used Gunze H405 and just had some nostalgic feeling about Gunze paints. So smooth and nice finish, no problem with clogging (Vallejo, Mig does clog at least for me) and best choice for fine lines (I think I'll paint my 1/72 Tiger I with this, too. Once I get to assemble that little cat). Not 100% satisfied with the pattern but will correct it with the brown - it was a hard decision what camo to paint. Finally I just thought that as no specific unit or no specific vehicle is modelled, why not try some imaginary camo pattern? I hope will turn out nicely. With these two colors on I just wonder how well this pattern breaks the silhouette of the Jagdpanzer IV.
In the meantime some ammo-loading crew figures and some waffen-ss soldiers were bought. Not decided about the final setup (and still... I have NO finished diorama yet, so this would be the first if I could manage to finish it) but as I have nice ammo and nice ammo loading crew it seems quite sure that somebody will load ammo at the end :)

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