2017. március 29., szerda

Rotbraun done

Well, this camo turns out to be interesting. Historically not correct but as I don't try to imitate any specific vehicle, I don't really mind the issue. If I were a "rivet counter" than maybe I would worry more about the historical issue but...
So. It is too reddish to my eyes but later it will fade and change. I sprayed a light gloss cote to prepare for the markings but the pics are "before-cote".
Regarding the paint: AmmoMIG paint is OK for large surface painting but it was really annoying to use it with the 0.2mm needle for precision painting. Every 20 second it clogged the needle (though I used its own thinner in 2 parts paint : 1 part thinner ratio) - the finish is nice, and it levels smoothly but I hate when I have to stop to clear the needle or when sudden "bubbles" burst out of the airbrush and make spider-like results which are hard to correct. Nonetheless the basic painting is finished. Now let's get to the weathering. Not too much as I don't like nowadays' trend of over-weathering everything - covering details with mud saying "the real vehicles are really dirty". But these are models. And I like to see the details not the mud effects :)


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