2017. március 13., hétfő

Weekend painting

I had 3 full hours free this weekend. Used it well, base coats are painted on both the Leopard and the Jagdpanzer IV. Leo was painted with Vallejo NATO Green primer. It has a very nice smooth finish but is a bit annoying as it clogs the airbrush even in diluted form. At the end I "over-diluted" it resulting in ugly side armor plates that has to be repainted. But overall the paint is OK and both the hull and the turret looks cool. Now I try to find out: how to paint the three-tone camo... that question applies to the Jagdpanzer as well. 
It was painted with the Ammo MIG late war paint set. No pre-shading. No tricky modulation techniques. Just the paint. It is a bit too light to me, has some satinish finish but there was no problem with it otherwise. Green and redbrown is undecided - maybe I'll use my good old Gunze paints... 

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