2011. január 24., hétfő

Getting dirty...

After using a wide range of browns and some gloss cote to achieve wet look the underside of the hull looks this way:
Not much will be visible, and more gloss cote will be sprayed when the wheels and track will be assembled.
The uppe structure was washed with very light browns, also treated with ProModeller's weathering wash (Dark Dirt), and when dirty enough, I made streaks of pure white and so on. I don't really remember to the steps as this was made in my free 10-minutes in the evenings in random style :) The spare track on the front was painted brown (Vallejo German Camo. Blackbrown) as a base and different Mig pigments and chalk powders were used as rust. The muffler was an other experiment with Panzer Aces rust colors and light orange - I was also satisfied with the result. Still lots of tiny steps to achieve the final stage. And still lots to do on the dio base which still stands on my shelf painted with the black primer...

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