2011. január 15., szombat

A white lady

Little time in the evenings and the vehicle starts to look like a whitewashed something. I applied the decals from the leftover-stock and the unit sign (towed gun battery of the 14th Panzer Division - only a fictional vehicle but who cares? I'm not a history expert with tenthousands of original wartime photos. Unfortunately.) from Mig's dry transfer set. First of all I used gloss cote and then the decals and when dried a light gloss cote again to seal them. There was no real need of Mr Mark Softer but I used it... just in case.

Then I hairsprayed the model lightly (this time only once) and waited 20 to let it dry. After that I sadly realised that my Gunze flat white bottle is almost empty so changed to Vallejo Model Air white. It tends to clog the airbrush so I often washed the needle-tip with a brush damped in alcohol. The white was sprayed unevenly and unfortunately on one place a bit too thick layer. It's a proof: I must practice much more.

And now the fun part. Using a stiff brush, the scalpel blade, a toothbrush and my fingernails the chipping started. Smaller, bigger chips unevenly trying to do it on places where the whitewash is logical to be more worn... First stage:

Some drybrushing with Humbrol dark grey:

At some places the base grey was toooooo dark so I filtered and washed the whole model with diluted white oil paint. And the even-more-fun part... Mixing the "pasta" to begin the heavy weathering of the lower parts.

This pasta is to give the "thickness" and not to give the color - that will be build up in several steps. Now we are here and waiting for the next weekend... brown wash, rust, dust, mud-splatters, and so on... There is still so much to do.

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